About Our Restaurant

Royal India brings to you delectable Indian cuisine with traditional Indian hospitality. Our recipes are prepared by master craftsmen of famed art of Indian gastronomy, cooked with a deft touch of originality that goes back hundreds; perhaps thousands of years.

Here at Royal India, although the cooking methods are modernised, we take great care to ensure that the dishes taste as they did during the era when the art of cooking received royal patronage of the great Mughal emperors of Hindusthan, the well known gourmet; Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow and the all time great connoisseur, Maharaja Bhupendra Singh of Patiala. We have also drawn from the recipes of the royal kitchens of Sailana, a princely state of yesteryear, renowned even amongst the royalty of that time for serving the finest Indian cuisine on their banquet tables.

The recipes we use have been compiled through meticulous research that spans over three generations. During this we not only cajoled established 5-star chefs to part with some of their professional secrets, we also persuaded master cooks elsewhere; especially of innumerable dhabas or roadside eateries that line the highways in India. Dhabas in India are famous for serving some of the finest ‘finger licking’ food cooked with closely guarded family recipes, many of which remain unrecorded and are only passed down from one generation to the next generation.

In the true Indian tradition, at Royal India, we treat you like a Maharaja! Our quest to bring to you authentic and delicious Indian food continues. We will constantly strive to bring you the very best to make your visit a memorable experience.

Bon appetit!